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Weiss Gives No As and Rates Bitcoin a C+, Ethereum a B

Weiss Gives No As and Rates Bitcoin a C+, Ethereum a B

The financial ratings agency Weiss has made a review evaluating cryptocurrencies. When the report was released, it generated a great amount of attention – so much attention that the agency’s website crashed on Wednesday morning. The report rated 74 of the most popular digital currencies currently, rating them from A to D. Some of the results are surprising.

The independent agency knew that the interest for the review would be big. Both individual crypto traders and Wall Street brokers were keen to see what evaluation of cryptocurrencies would an agency dealing primarily with traditional finance give. The report would make it clearer for Wall Street as to which currencies they should legitimize.

No cryptocurrency earned the grade of A in the review, with the grades of coins ranging from B to D; Bitcoin scored C+, Ethereum scored a B, while most altcoins scored a C. The agency later explained that A and B scores mean that the currency is a good investment, while a score of C should not be a big concern for traders. The coins with good reviews saw their price jump up, the examples being Cardano’s ADA and NEO.

There was a lot of speculation about the scores of the review, with extensive debates on websites such as 4chan. Many supposedly leaked copies of the review were flooding the internet, some of which proved to be fakes, while some were quite accurate and were quite different.

Dr. Martin Weiss explained how the agency, founded in 1971, evaluated the currencies, saying that they scrutinized the coins from different perspectives, such as a Risk Index, Reward Index, Technology Index and Fundamentals index. While the score can still change, they give an understanding of the value of the currencies that even experienced traders will appreciate.

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This is the type of research tool that we might choose for the club. And the process would be through the Kanban board. I am going to create a few Kanban boards, and one of them will be for club business, which will include tools like Weiss Crypto Ratings.

The regular cost of a one-year subscription to Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings is $936. However, as an early visitor to our just launched website, you are entitled to a 50% discount, bringing your cost down to $468 per year.

 I don't know how long the 50% special lasts.

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